Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Eiko M&T Japan Inc.

Eiko M&T Japan Inc. gives the proper protaction of personal information of all our customers and concerning parties as a social obligation. Based on this principle our all policies will ne managed and operated.

Effective from December 20th 2016

Privacy Policy

The protection policy specifies that the basic matters will be observed in order to protect and proper management of personbal data of pur customer and concerning parties.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information.

2. Thoroughness of appropriate information management

We have appointed a personal information administrator and take major concern about improper use, loss, destruction, tempering of personal information and we do appropriate prevention and correction for leakage. We also conduct training and educational class to handle the personal information for all staff to manage all the customer’s data. We concern your information and keep as safe as our corporate data.

3. Collection purpose and scope

We will clarify the purpose and use of collection of data and. And we will concern only about necessary information.

4.Use of collected data

We will not use, offer or deposit the personal information beyond the scope of collection purpose or the of requests based on laws and regulation, with the consent of the person or the guardian.

5.Use restriction and control

We keep your personal information confidential and we will not concern the information beyond the laws and regulations. Based on the scope of the information we only exchange the information outside of the company with proper handling and strict control.

6. Continuous improvement

In order to proper management of personal information, we will grasp the change of laws and regulation, norms and information technology by continuous reviewing the management system and promote to continuous improvement.

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1. Copyright

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  • 3. Security

    Encryption of communication and Information
    We use cryptographic communication technology (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so that our customers can use the internet communication securely without being read by an external third party. SSL is a mechanism to protect communication over the internet by mutual authentication adopting digital signature and encrypted communication. When you provide the credit card and personal information to the server, it is encrypted by SSL and it prevents the customer’s personal information being read or steal by third party. In order to use SSL, it is unnecessary to make special setting, just avoid the old version of browser.

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    6. Disclaim

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